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Five Years of Islam Watch - A Tribute

It is amazing how time flies! Just about five years ago, M. A. Khan informed me that he was about to launch a new web site that will specialise in exposing Islam at its core with writings mainly from authors of the India-Pakistan-Bangladesh. I was sceptical about the idea; after all, Muslims living in these three countries are very conservative. How could they criticise Islam, when the Islamic religion is at the base of everything they do? Their morning starts with Islam and their night ends with Islam. Expecting these ultra-conservatives to tolerate the criticism of Islam, let alone propel it, was just unthinkable. So, I expressed my reservation on the opening of such a site.



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Nevertheless, I offered my help to put up the site live. In the beginning, it was extremely disappointing; there were perhaps, a couple of hundred daily visitors.


To my surprise, there appeared a new breed of writers slowly joined the fray, almost all of them from the subcontinent, whose articles were superbly crafted. Readership gradually increased. M. A. Khan proved me wrong about the 'Islamic Heretics', who had been hiding in the nooks and corners of the subcontinent. Now India, Pakistan and Indonesia form the major readership of IW. Besides these, new generation of Indo-Pak-Bangladeshi writers and many other well-known authors from other Islamic and non-Islamic countries also contributes to IW. It is a great achievement for IW to say the least.




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Within a couple years, Islam Watch established itself as a credible site that many people referred to when learning truth about Islam. During the last two years, I have received many e-mails concerning my articles, which mostly referred to articles posted in IW. This proves that IW today stands as a reference site—used by many writers.


Today, IW has no shortage of contributors. It gives me a great sense of joy and satisfaction that our relentless intellectual battle against the Islamic tyranny is finally bearing result. As we, the very first generation of Islamic critiques in the net, age—we note with happiness that a new generation of intrepid writers are ready to take Islam by the horn.


Today, I pay my tribute to the untiring effort of M. A. Khan, who has sacrificed his career to develop and improve IW to the status of what it is today. I am certain his self-sacrifice and contribution will not go in vain.


Abul Kasem is an Bengali ex-Muslim and academic. He has contributed in Leaving Islam - Apostates Speak Out and Beyond Jihad - Critical Voices from Inside and Why We Left Islam.. He has also written extensively on Islam in various websites and is the author of five e-Books: A Complete Guide to Allah, Root of Terrorism ala Islamic Style, Sex and Sexuality in Islam, Who Authored the Quran? and Women in Islam. Mr. Kasem leaves in Sydney, Australia. He can be contacted at