Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Religious Freedom in Islam and Muslims' Kind Treatment of Apostates

Dedication: I dedicate this article to Dr. Jamal Badawi and all his elk of Muslim apologetics in the west, who lie to Western readers by telling them that Islam is a religion of peace, and that Islam does not teach the killing of apostates. Such people are no more than a disgrace to humanity, because they defend an evil dogma, only deserving of being trashed to the lowest level.

Last year, I published two related articles on apostasy and its punishment in Islam according to Islamic laws. In one of those articles, I proved, through authentic hadiths, that the punishment for apostasy in Islam is death. In the second article I proved the same punishment using Qur’anic verses. There is no doubt in my mind that a person, willing to research the Islamic evidence with an objective mind, will reach the conclusion that the death penalty for apostasy is a must in Islam. In fact, all four Islamic schools of jurisprudence prescribe death for deciding that Islam is not for them and then leave the evil cult. Just to make it clear: there is ONLY four schools of jurisprudence in Islam. Here is a link to those two articles, combined as one, for the interested reader.

Do not be fooled by Muslim apologists in the West, who deny this truth concerning apostasy in Islam. They are either ignorant, or are liars and practicing Taqiyya. I have no respect for such apologists. I am not in the business of sugar-coating Islam. When you have all four Islamic schools of jurisprudence telling you that the punishment for apostates is death penalty, what would you say about an apologetic who denies that? Liar, plain and simple. Taqiyya or no Taqiyya, he/she is a liar. What other possible alternative would you call them?

In Arabic we have a saying: “a drowning person, will hold onto a straw” (hoping that will save him from drowning). The ship of Islam is on its way down the ocean; it is a sinking Titanic that has already hit huge rocks with many big holes on body. Not even Muhammad and his deity can save it from here. It is going down to the deepest pit of the ocean, taking Muhammad and his divine alter-ego, Allah.

In this article, I share with the reader two videos concerning treatment of Muslim apostates by their Muslim coreligionists to show how tolerant Islam is to its apostates and how kindly Muslims deal with these heretics of Islam.

First Video: This video comes from Britian. The story in the video actually touched my heart deeply. It tells the story of a man and his family. They were harassed by the followers of “the religion of Horror and Terror”. I am sure his and his family’s story will touch your heart too. Although we take freedoms in the West for granted, this story makes the Islamic threat to our freedoms of choices and of beliefs very concrete. Here is the video (please note that the Imam at the end of the video is simply lying and practicing Taqiyya):

Second Video: This video comes from Iran. Iran has one of the most evil regimes in the world, second only to Saudi Arabia. Even there, people are fed up with Islam; they want freedom no matter what. Maybe the British Government can learn from those courageous Iranian souls, and show some guts in the face of the Muslim thugs of Britain. When Geert Wilders was not allowed in Britain, Bertrand Russell and Anwar Shaikh were not only livid and boiling in their graves, they must be considering themselves lucky for escaping a very likely inquisition had they lived today. Shame on the government of Britain for such a cowardly act and barring a democratically elected official, and a voice of reason and freedom in the world, Geert Wilders, into Britain. Shame on the Britons for letting this happen with little opposition. What a cowardly act of dhimmitude!

Here is the video from Iran, showing brave Iranians challenging the very establishment of Islam, and its evil Mullah’s, by denouncing the “Religion of Peace” and believing in the man of Peace. Show that video to the cowards of Britain. Maybe then, they’ll come to their senses and be able to remember the great Christian heritage of Britain and Europe that allowed the formation of modern day democracies:

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