Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Islam Friendly Toilets in UK Prisons

Keeping in mind the sensitivities, the aspirations and the cultural needs of the terrorists, prisons in UK have decided to be more Muslims friendly. This was exactly the need of the hour. After all terrorists have every right to freedom of speech and expression. That they would like to kill the very same people who extend these hospitalities to them is a different matter. In fact, it is no matter at all. After all, Islam is the only true religion and Muslims deserve to be treated as first class citizens wherever they are.

The politically correct administration of the UK has decided to keep the terrorists comfortable even while they are being tried for killing the vile Kafirs. The first step they have taken in this direction is to build a new toilets in the prison facilities which don’t face Mecca. Leaders of the Muslim faith reportedly told the Prison Authorities that it was an abomination for Muslims to face Mecca while answering nature’s calls.

A Home Office spokeswoman said that the new toilet facilities were being added keeping in mind the religious sensitivities of all faiths. She added that the money being spent would not add to the costs of the refurbishment programme. This is what I call real sense of justice and equality. Considering the fact that most of the prison inmates in Europe and the West are Muslims, prisons might even think of appointing full-time imams who would teach the inmates better ways of getting back at the silly Kafirs.

The cultural sensitivity bug has even bitten the American Prison Authorities. Keeping in mind the needs of the Jihadis to use special toilets, the authorities at the torture chambers have taken care that the Jihadis don’t have to use the toilets of the Kafirs. The picture shows the room layout a terror centre run by the USA in Guantanamo.

Ibrahim Lone is Kashmir-born ex-Muslim.

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