Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Imam Mahdi aka Zakir Naik

For those who are familiar with this name know already that I am talking about the greatest showman of our times. Let me brief a little about this mysterious showman those who are not familiar with him and his fields of specialization.
To begin with Zakir Naik is a Muslim apologist who is a proponent of the Wahabi sect of Islam. He happens to live in the Indian city of Mumbai (earlier called Bombay). The reason why I am not calling him an Indian Muslim is because he himself prefers his Muslim identity over Being Indian or anything else. This man is famous for his Pompous, unscholarly, illogical and gullible presentations. Zakir Naik has managed to fool millions of gullible Muslims. though his target audience are the south Asian Muslims, he has quite a fan following in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Zakir Naik is the chief Honcho of an organization called Islamic Research Foundation (IRF). Besides luring the unsuspecting Kafirs into the Islamic cult and training Muslims into Da'wah techniques, IRF has diversified itself and is now undertaking various operations. (What would we do without Saudi Petro Dollars). IRF runs Islamic schools throughout India where Muslim children are caught young and are cast into the Wahabi Islamic mould.

Nothing special about this, there are various other Islamic organizations who are undertaking such endeavors you might remark. Well, here is the catch, apparently Zakir Naik, who probably believes that he is Imam Mahdi (the Islamic Messiah) has invented a new form of Salah (Obligatory Islamic prayers). However his narcissism does not end here as he forces all those associated with him to follow his newly devised prayer method. No exceptions are made.

Another interesting fact about this mysterious showman is that he loves to speak amidst large crowds. Every time he holds one of his flamboyant presentations the parents of children studying in his schools are told to be in attendance. Any parent missing out on even a single seminar has his children face the flank net day at school. I guess this pretty much explains for the large crowds that Naik is able to command in his Seminars.

Just about anybody with an average 10 who happens to see even a single video of Zakir Naik will know that the techniques that Zakir uses to fool those listening to him. His speeches are nothing but half-baked truths and complete lies well packaged. However what most people don't know about these seminars is that most of the questioners in the Q&A round are Zakir's own men. They have already been given a list of questions which they are supposed to ask and the great Scholar that Zakir Naik answers them. Outsiders usually are not allowed to asked questions and even if they are, their questions remain unanswered. people like these are told to come to the IRF office to get answers to their questions, which obviously is a bluff. The strategy is very simple, keep delaying till people would just get tired and fed up of waiting for the answer and would finally give up.

All said Zakir Naik is a sure intelligent fellow, as he has been able to start his own TV channel called Peace TV which in turn adds to his already overflowing revenues. I am sure that Zakir Naik must be laughing up his sleeves on his way to Allah's paradise.

Ibrahim Lone is Kashmir-born ex-Muslim.

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