Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Bombay Massacre: A Hindu, Jewish Conspiracy

Surprised? Well you need not be, because according to the superb analysis by the reporter of Geo TV (a Pakistani news channel) the what I have written as the title of my article is the truth and the absolute truth just like the Quran is the absolute word of Allah.
According to Mr. Hamid Mir the conspiracy theory of his, the terror attack is the brain child of RAW (Indian Intelligence Agency) and MOSAD (Israeli Intelligence Agency). So if Hamid is to be believed this conspiracy was probably hatched somewhere in India or Israel to give a bad name of Muslims and Pakistan. By saying so he tried to bring about a conspiracy theory which is akin to 9/11 conspiracy theory according to which the CIA and Mossad was responsible for the terror attack. Being the great man that he is Mr. Hamid Mir has also concocted a new name for their terrorists, he calls them Hindu Zionists.

Of course such a statement has to backed up by solid evidence and proof. Now let us look at the Prima Facie evidences that Taqqiya tactician has presented:

  • The terrorists were speaking in Hindi and Punjabi.

  • The Terrorists were wearing a saffron band worn by Hindus.

  • the terrorists were looking like Hindustanis (Indians)

Now let us see if his arguments hold any beef when analyzed with reason.

Anybody who some common sense and basic knowledge about the Indian subcontinent will know that how stupid these arguments are, the need for not contesting them. However we are faced with a human tragedy beyond measure in which hundreds died and many brave army and police personnel achieved martyrdom. Therefore I believe that it is the responsibility of every sane thinking person to try and analyze these arguments which make jest of the tragic incident which has chocked not just India but the rest of the Non-Muslim world. Anybody who hears Urdu and Hindi at the same time will never be able to make out the difference between the two unless of course he is a native speaker of either of these two languages. This owes to the fact that Urdu was basically a derivate of what is now know as Hindi with a few Persian and Arabic words added. In fact the similarity is so close that most native speakers of either of the two languages can easily understand r speak the other language. The same argument goes for Punjabi which is spoken on both sides of the border. Somehow Mr. Mir is casting a doubt on the capacity of his country intelligence agencies by doubting that it could ever train people to speak Hindi. Furthermore why did Mr. Mir choose to ignore the fact that in one of the transcripts one of the assailants claimed that he was not afraid of death because he knew he would go to paradise. This killer called Ajmal Amir Kamal (incidentally it is a Muslim name) who was the only surviving terrorist in this incident later on went to beg the army men who he was out to kill to spare his life and to put him on saline. He went on to tell the investigators that he belongs to Pakistan and that their training had begun way back in 2004 approximately four years back. He also named the exact places where their training was conducted. Of course this shocking evidence does not hold any meaning for Mr. Hamid Mir and rest of the Pakistanis because it is coming from a Kafir country with a Kafir investigating agency who always devise ploys to show Islam down.

The second argument presented by the journalist in question was that these terrorists were wearing a saffron band, usually worn by Hindus. Now this argument does not even stand up for itself. How does it hurt an Islamic terrorist wear a band while carrying out his religious duty of slaughtering innocents. It seems Mr. Mir is totally ignorant of Taqqiya. Since the topic of Taqqiya and its acceptability by Islamic law has been already proved by so many authors before me, I really don’t feel the need to bore the readers with more of these hadiths. One more thing that I would like to add here is that contrary to what Mr. Mir is claiming Muslims do wear saffron bands in many parts of India and Pakistan. These bands are usually tied when people go to visit the tombs of Pirs and Awliyyas. Though they are a little different from the Hindu variety of bands the difference is hardly noticeable.

His third argument was that the terrorists were looking as Hindustanis. Well here Mr. Mir is basically trying to imply the fallacious historical theory that most Pakistanis learn at school that the Muslims in Pakistan are actually descendants of Arabs and the Muslim conquerors, while the truth is that studies have concluded otherwise. Somehow he wants to prove his racial differences even at this time of immense pain and tragedy. Now even if we agree to what he is saying even for arguments sake, is he not aware that most of the Urdu speaking population of Pakistan living in Karachi is basically from the part of the Indian subcontinent which was named as India post partition. Apparently most of these terrorists were also based in Karachi. Somehow Mr. Mir wants us to believe that converting to a religion also changes a person’s genetic structure. Somehow I fail to understand this argument.

Unfortunately, being good Muslims, most Pakistanis are holding on to every word that this baby faced liar has been telling them. I am sorry to say this but it certainly does not give out a very good message to the rest of the world when it come to deciding the intellectual faculties of such a nation.

Ibrahim Lone is Kashmir-born ex-Muslim.

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